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Fall back in love with movement


This time it will stick.

I told myself this for years - and it rarely did. I tried all the routines and regimes, I bought the online classes, I set the 6am alarms, somehow it never seemed to last more than a few weeks. I was convinced I just had no will power or discipline. 

But it's a lie. 

Once I figured out how to make movement a gift to my body, mind and spirit instead of a punishment - everything changed.

With Rise and Move we will help you


Ok but.. how? 

Through personalised coaching, goal setting and frequent catch ups! 

Think of me as your best fitness friend that lives in your pocket - I'll send you messages to check-in and hold you accountable. I'll help you set realistic goals that actually fit into you life. I'll give you and your body the grace that you might not be giving it yet - I'll give you permission to truly embrace your amazing body and the mindful movement you can do with it. 

Dancing on the beach 💃🏻👙💃🏻

I'm intrigued...
I want to chat more!

Thanks for your message! I can't wait to become friends x

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