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Sadhana - The Yoga Motivation Project

It's time to blossom. Build your home practice and stick to it!

Time and time again, people tell me they want to build a home practice but they just can’t make it stick. It lasts two weeks in their routine and then it trickles away. It’s a mixture of a lack of motivation, lack of accountability and not knowing what to do. I know this because I experience it too. Trying to build your home practise can be isolating when you feel like you’re fighting against yourself to make it happen.

So I have created Sadhana - The Yoga Motivation Project. With Sadhana, you can stay motivated and inspired by weekly newsletters filled with philosophy lessons, places to visit, recommendations of videos, playlists, books and podcasts as well as inspiring people to follow on Instagram. It’s a celebration of all things Yoga to get the excitement running through you again.

You will be able to hold yourself accountable because you won’t be alone - you will receive personal communication via email with a Yoga Instructor about your journey, to talk through how you are going and give advice on how to stay on track and keep improving.

You won’t feel isolated, because someone is on your side. My goal is that one day there will be a lot of people on your side, and so you can share your thoughts and experience in a community of people with a common goal.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment on this post or email me at

Sign up here today to start building your Sadhana (yoga practise) with a two-week free trial. I can’t wait for you to join!



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