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Rise and Yoga Online - What are the crazy class names?

This past week I have introduced my new Online Rise and Yoga classes subscription service! I am running a bunch of different live-streamed classes which you can join in on at any time!

With a range of times and exercise types, there is bound to be something for you! Classes range from 30min to 1h and can be accessed anytime after the live-stream. 

Equipment-free Workout- This is a full-body workout designed for anyone to be able to do from their lounge room. It will get your heart pumping through large full-body movements and your muscles burning through resistance training exercises. A real burning that will leave you feeling energized and fulfilled! 

Vinyasa Yoga- This is a Yoga flow class. The heart will be pumping, some more intermediate poses may be included to give you a real challenge and, of course, you'll get your sweet savasana relaxation at the end. Stretch out your body and your mind with our Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Morning Yoga- A simple practice to wake up your body and your mind and prepare you for the day ahead. Suitable for any level, even if you've never done any yoga before. 

Pilates- A workout for your extended core - from shoulders to booty, and everything in between! A Pilates workout will give you the core strength to support the rest of your body in what you do. It is ideal for those of you who are sitting at a desk all day or struggle with postural issues and back pain - Pilates is the solution!

HIIT Pilates- HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In this class, we will combine Pilates exercises with the HIIT principles to create a workout that will build strength and tone muscles as well as increasing your cardiovascular health and helping with fat-loss. 

Hatha Yoga- This class focuses on holding poses rather than a flow. Perfect for beginners, but suitable for all levels. Lengthen and strengthen your whole body and learn to connect with your breath and mind. 

Bedtime Yoga- Super simple Yoga for relaxation, digestion and sleep. This class will involve relaxing poses that will get your body and mind ready for bed. 

Dance Foundation- This class is run through The Nest Pole Studio's online schedule (not included in the $4.99 Rise and Yoga Online fee), it is a dance class for absolute beginners! We will learn essential terminology and technique, develop body awareness and coordination and get in a very sweaty workout - it is so much fun! If you want to do cardio without realising, this is the class for you!


Get all this for just $4.99 per week! 

Want to join? It's simple!

Step 1: Subscribe to RAY Online

Step 2: Join the Facebook Group to gain access to the classes

Step 3: Get classes straight to your device!



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