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Sore wrists from working on the computer? Here's how to fix it.

How to fix Sore wrists. Sore wrists from working on the computer? Here's how to fix it. Rise and Yoga

So right now we are all huddled up at home, glued to our only proof that the outside world still exists - our computers! If an internet connection is the only thing getting you through isolation, there's a good chance you're developing a couple of nasty ailments. Most notably, stiff and sore wrists. I am a huge advocate for wrist strengthening and stretching as it is a body part that is so often forgotten and yet one that we frequently complain about! Wrist injuries can be debilitating and stop you being able to do so many of the things that you love, so let's stop them before they ruin your quarantine life! Here are 6 things you can do to prevent wrist injury, even if you're typing all day long.

1. Wrist push-ups

How to fix sore wrists | Wrist push ups | Rise and Yoga
How to fix sore wrists | Wrist push ups | Rise and Yoga

Wrist push-ups will help strengthen your hands and wrists and get those muscles working! Come to all fours, place your hands down with fingers spread out wide and knuckles pressing down into the floor. From here, lift the palms of your hands up without lifting your fingers, then slowly lower back down. To make it more intense, bring more weight onto your hands rather than your knees. To make it less intense, sit back towards your heels slightly.

2. Finger flicks

How to fix sore wrists | Finger flicks | Rise and Yoga

Imagine you're flicking away an annoying younger sibling. Start with individual fingers (and thumb) and then work up to flicking all of your fingers at once. Try and move nice and fast, opening and shutting your hands. You can try different arm positions like stretched out in front of you, out to the side or up above your head!

3. Hairband stretches

How to fix sore wrists | Hair band stretches | Rise and Yoga
How to fix sore wrists | Hairband stretches | Rise and Yoga

Just another chance to get the scrunchies out. Bring the tips of your fingers together and wrap an elastic band, hair tie or scrunchie around them. Then, try and pull your fingers away from each other. It's like a resistance workout for your digits!

4. Wrist stretches

Stretch out the inner and outer sides of your wrists - but be gentle! If you've never done this before, it can be quite an intense stretch and it is easy to go beyond your limits. Only only for 20s at a time and look for a very gentle stretching feeling.

How to fix sore wrists | inner wrist stretch | Rise and Yoga

To stretch the inside of your wrist, place the palms of your hands down on the floor with wrists facing away from you, fingers pointing towards you. Gently press the heel of your hands down. To make this more intense, move your hands a little further away from you, or closer to you to make it less intense.

How to fix sore wrists | outer wrist stretch | Rise and Yoga

To stretch the outside of your wrist, place the tops of your hands down on the floor with fingers pointing towards you. Gently straighten your elbows, press down through your wrists and try and get the inside of your elbow facing forward for a deeper stretch.

5. Prayer-hand circles

This is a gentle, dynamic stretch that you can do sitting at your desk. Bring your palms together in front of your chest and lightly press them into each other. Now we start to roll. Bring your pinky fingers together, then flip your hands upside down to bring the backs of the hands together, then flip again to bring the thumbs together before coming back to palms together. Repeat a few times and then circles the other way - palms, thumbs, backs of the hands, pinkies, palms. Keep gently pressing hands towards each other to increase the stretch.

6. Shakes

How to fix sore wrists | Shakes | Rise and Yoga

This is an easy one! Release the tension by simply shaking your hands out. This will help loosen up your wrists and fingers so you can keep typing for days!


How do you keep your wrists happy and healthy? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at

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Let me know if these tips have helped you!

Love and light,

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