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Amalia's Story: Online Personal Workout Program

Amalia is a trial participant of my new Online Personal Workout Programs. She has been using her program for a few months now, and here is what she had to say! Scroll to the bottom to read more about the Program and how we can work together to create your perfect active lifestyle - Mia


I’d like to think of myself as a pretty active person, I have been dancing for about 18 years and I try and go to the gym 2-4 times per week. I still use the program at the gym and its great because I go in with a clear intention of the workout I’m doing and I’m more likely to smash out a session rather than wasting time thinking about what I’m going to do next.


My goals for this program were to improve and maintain my mental wellbeing, to be a bit more lean and tone, to improve my overall strength but particularly upper body and to have a nice shaped booty (because who doesn’t?)


The program did absolutely help achieve my goals, believe it or not i actually enjoy the image that looks back at me in the mirror, my stomach has leaned out, the booty is rounder, I can actually lift the boxes at work, I’m still working on doing 5 push ups on my toes but I’m so much closer than I was before this program, and most importantly I feel happier and healthier than ever which was my main goal.

My favourite part about the program making process was hands down working with Mia. She listened to my goals and managed to create an amazing program that helped me work towards them in a fun and challenging way. I could tell straight away that this program was catered and curated for me and my goals and not just a generic program like others you could find on the internet. It was also great that if I had any questions around moves or technique that I wasn’t sure of Mia would always be able to answer my questions or give me alternatives. She really knows what she’s doing.


Achieve your goals with a personalised workout program tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Work one-on-one with Mia Anderson to create an exercise program that will make you excited to workout. Programs range from Yoga recommendations to Gym workouts and everything in between!

In this program process, you will:

  • receive a file with the link to fill out a form detailing your fitness and experience levels as well as your goals and what you want out of the program

  • converse with me to perfect your goals and make sure I understand what you need and want

In your final program booklet you will receive:

  • a personal letter from me

  • a suggested weekly fitness schedule

  • your personalised Yoga/Pilates/At Home/Gym/etc. workout

  • more information and video links to some exercises you may not know

  • a suggested 8-week workout progression to keep your body being challenged and constantly improving

  • notes of how to track your progression for each specific goal you have, this could range from body composition tests to fitness testing to keeping an exercise journal



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