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Top 10 Wellness and Sustainability YouTube Channels

One of my favourite ways to get inspired to love myself and my planet is by watching videos about just that - and YouTube is a fantastic platform for that! Here are my 10 favourite YouTubers in the wellness and sustainability worlds.

10. The Fairly Local Family

Although I have only recently started watching videos from this channel, I am loving them! Amber has such an uplifting spirit and some great tips for living a healthy, vegan, sustainably life.

9. Sedona Christina

Christina is a beautiful vibes! I love her realistic lifestyle tips about veganism, wellness, intentional living and minimalism. My favs of the videos of hers I have watched so far are those about Zero Waste living, but I can't wait to watch more about plant based eating, sustainable fashion, natural skincare and wellness and more.

8. Wellness with Dr. Meghan

Oh how I wish there were more people like Dr. Meghan! She is a certified medical doctor who takes an evidence based approach to health and wellness topics and potential fads. She breaks down the good and bad research behind all the trends you have seen in the wellness world and tells you how much merit there is to it! A must have in your YouTube subscription list.

7. simply by christine

Nothing soothes me like these videos. Christine talks all things zero waste and minimalist, and she does so in a calm tone with lovely gentle piano in the background. Not to mention, her dog Cooper is so adorable! I love her realistic hacks and tips and intentional living observations and thoughts.

6. Moon & Rock

This is another channel that I have only recently discovered, and yet I am in love. Meagan emits a calm, well aura and I can't help but feel inspired to be the same after watching her videos. She shares tips for wellness, astrology, intentional and thoughtful living as well as beautiful vlogs of her and her family. A lovely piece of motivation for any slow and intentional living wannabe.

5. Sarahs Day

Sarah is someone who I have watched and followed pretty religiously for a few years now. She values health and wellbeing, natural beauty, active lifestyles and fitness. Also, with her nearly 1 year old son Fox she has many mum-life videos and stories to share. I love watching Sarah for inspiration and motivation as well as some good tips, especially for yummy healthy meals.

4. Ingrid Nilsen

Although Ingrid is not strictly a health and wellness YouTuber, she has to be on this list because her videos are so deep, raw and inspiring. They really make you think and motivate you to take action within your life. Even her one-take makeup tutorials are really a chance for her to share her deepest thoughts about pressing subjects matters and it is so awe-inspiring to watch.

3. Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler is the first Yoga YouTuber that I watched as at teenager! Her videos inspired my love of Yoga and started my journey towards becoming the practitioner and teacher that I am today. I cannot recommend her calming, playful and simple videos enough. She has everything from 10 minute gentle yoga to hour long flows and all things in between! If you're in the mood for yoga at home, Adriene is your gal.

2. Ellen Fisher

Ellen is another one of those channels that I have found recently and have fallen in love with. She shares all things vegan, sustainability, parenting and intentional living. Her home and her lifestyle is dreamy and is truly inspiring for me! She has such a kind personality and her three children are absolutely adorable (especially beautiful little Scouty!). Watch her videos and live vicariously through her inspiring life.

1. Carly Rowena

Carly is love and light embodied. Her gorgeously genuine videos show her active lifestyle, fitness, beauty tips, sex advice, mum life and general wellness advice. She is a personal trainer with a stunning personality who makes videos that make you want to get up and hug someone. Carly is a gem that you must follow!

Know another sustainability and/or wellness YouTuber not included? Let me know who I have missed! Share your favourite channels in the comments below

Love and light,

Mia x

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