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Jacqui's Story: Active Personal Program

Jacqui was one of the first trial participants of my new Online Personal Programs. She has been using her program for a few months now, and here is what she had to say! Scroll to the bottom to read more about the Program and how we can work together to create your perfect active lifestyle - Mia

BACKGROUND For as long as I can remember I've been active; whether that be playing a team sport (mostly hockey) or invididual sports such as yoga, running or going to the gym. However as I've gotten older I have found that having a fitness routine and sticking to it, whilst working and studying has proved harder than expected. By trying out the riseandyoga program I hoped to get into a better exercise routine. GOALS To get into a better routine my goals were, starting the day earlier to fit exercise into my routine, to do this I wanted to better my gym confidence. I also hoped to increase my upper body strength as I want to pursue my passion for rock climbing, increase my core strength due to ongoing back problems, and increase flexibility. (Mia definitely had her work cut out for her) THE PROGRAM I am still using the program to achieve my goals but it is definitely sending me on my way to get there. My gym confidence is so much higher due to the lowered pressure I put on myself to go a crazy number of times a week. Mia put in place a program that allowed me to feel comfortable exercising in the gym, or at home depending on what I wanted to do. The greatest aspect of the program that allowed me to reach my goals was the tailoring of the exercises. As above, my goals included strength, flexibility and changing my routine. Somehow, Mia mixed all of these into one program and boy oh boy do I sweat! Every part of my body that I want to switch on, is switched on every time I use this program. My favourite part of the program making process was definitely the fact that this program isn't the same for everyone. Mia puts so much time and effort into REALLY understanding who she is tailoring the program for, and what their needs and wants are! She made sure that every exercise is completely understood prior to starting the program, and even offered to send videos of exercises to make sure your technique is on POINT! I honestly couldn't recommend a more suited program to me, or anyone! And throughout the whole program making process she was there to help at anytime, the communication was really great! Thanks for letting me trial this program Mia, I'll be telling everyone about it!


Achieve your goals with a personalised workout program tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Work one-on-one with Mia Anderson to create an exercise program that will make you excited to workout. Programs range from Yoga recommendations to Gym workouts and everything in between!

In this program process, you will:

  • receive a file with the link to fill out a form detailing your fitness and experience levels as well as your goals and what you want out of the program

  • converse with me to perfect your goals and make sure I understand what you need and want

In your final program booklet you will receive:

  • a personal letter from me

  • a suggested weekly fitness schedule

  • your personalised Yoga/Pilates/At Home/Gym/etc. workout

  • more information and video links to some exercises you may not know

  • a suggested 8-week workout progression to keep your body being challenged and constantly improving

  • notes of how to track your progression for each specific goal you have, this could range from body composition tests to fitness testing to keeping an exercise journal

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