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Glute Activation - Work Your Buns, Hun!

If you've been to my classes before, you'll know there is always some aspect of glute activation. I love the burn that comes from squeezing your buns but I also think it is a really important muscle group to work on.

We have a huge phenomenon in the modern world of having lazy glutes. This means they struggle to activate due to always being in a lengthened position, such as when we're sitting down (something which most of us do a lot). This is a problem because when it comes to doing big things like a squat type movement, our glutes can simply be too lazy to activate, causing other muscles to do all the work and potentially damaging your body in some way.

To fix this, I encourage a glute activation exercise to help switch your peaches on and remind them how to engage. I do a lot of this in my classes of Yoga and Pilates, but it is a really great thing to do in a warm up before a bigger workout or even right before you do exercises that require glute work.

Below is a video of a great glute activation sequence that is sure to get your buns firing up! Repeat each exercise for about 30 seconds or 10 reps - you'll feel the burn! (P.S. sorry for the vertical video)

Let me know what you think!

Mia Anderson x

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