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FAQs: Flexibility

Seated hamstring stretch, photo by Dan Bugno

Well, hello there!

Today I want to talk to you about all the questions I get asked all the time about being flexible and how to become flexible. It's probably the most prevalent topic that I get asked about almost daily, so I hope a lot of you will find the answers that you're looking for here!

Am I flexible enough to do Yoga?

Yes! Of course you are! This question frustrates me to know end because doing Yoga will make you more flexible - you don't have to be flexible to begin with! You have to have a starting point. I understand that it might be difficult because you could go into a class with a teacher like myself who is an ex-dancer and has been doing flexibility training since they were 7 and can do the splits, and the people around you might be touching their toes to their noses in ways you didn't think were possible. But you have to find the strength within yourself to go into that class and go at your own pace, without comparing yourself to others. I can tell you right now I have taught people who were ballerinas and I have taught people who can barely touch their knees, and more often that not the latter will achieve more in the class than the former.

Will Pilates improve my flexibility?

Yes! Most if not all Pilates classes will include stretches within the class aimed at improving flexibility for your whole body. Plus a lot of the original Pilates exercises include aspects designed to increase flexibility, including some exercises created specifically for flexibility. This is why Pilates is such a great workout - you will stretch and strengthen your whole body.

How long will it take before I become as flexible as you?

I don't really like this question, however I get asked it all the time. It is important to remember that I have been doing flexibility training since I was 7 years old, so as a beginner it just isn't realistic to compare yourself to someone like myself! However, for most people flexibility can actually come quite quickly, so long as you are committed and willing to put in the work. If you stretch every single day at least once a day (ideally you would stretch two or three times each day) you will see results within a week and may reach your goal after a month. It is remarkably simple. If you stretch effectively and frequently, you see results very quickly. So no excuses!

So those are my frequently asked questions about flexibility! Let me know if this helped you or what other questions you have about all things stretchy.

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Have a wonderful week!


Mia Anderson x

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