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Welcome to the NEW Rise and Yoga!

Hello and welcome to the brand new Rise and Yoga website! I am so excited to finally reveal what I've been working on with you. I still have lots of big plans for Rise and Yoga that will become apparent in the future, but for now lets start with the blog and the flashy new site.

I am starting completely fresh with this site, so if you want to check out all my old posts, head over to the old site here. It's all still there and will remain there, some of the stuff may even make an appearance on this site with some adjustments, we'll see what happens.

Look out for a blog post every Tuesday, an Instagram and Facebook post every day and classes every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and every second Sunday (check out times and locations here).

I am also looking for private clients to work with either via the internet or in-person, so whip me an email here if you're interested in becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself in a more personal way.

I also really want to know what you guys think about all the things I'm doing and what you'd like from me in the future. I really REALLY want to know! So send me a message here and share your thoughts with me.

That's all from me today, but make sure you check out my Facebook and Instagram for daily Rise and Yoga updates!


Mia Anderson x

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