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Online Classes

No online classes currently running. Please contact me to book a private or small group class. 

For more info email

Monash Sport Clayton




1:20pm | 45m | Monash Sport Clayton


5:45pm | 45m | Monash Sport Clayton

Click here for more info.

The Nest Pole Studio



Pole: Beginner 1

6pm | 1h | Studio B

Pole: Beginner 2

7pm | 1h | Studio B


Pole: Beginner 2/3

8pm | 1h | Studio A


Pole: Beginner 1 

11am | 1h | Studio A

Pole: Beginner 2

12pm | 1h | Studio B

Click here for more info.

Personalised Private Classes

Maximise your potential by participating in a private class with Mia. In classes of up to 5 people, we can focus on your specific goals and help you achieve them in a timely and effective manner. Deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga, lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles with Pilates or improve your all-around health and fitness with group fitness training - or a combination of these things!


Click here to organise an online class or email for face-to-face classes and more information. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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