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Personal Workout Program + Video
  • Personal Workout Program + Video

    Achieve your goals with a personalised workout program and video tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Work one-on-one with Mia Anderson to create an exercise program that will make you excited to workout. Programs range from Yoga recommendations to Gym workouts and everything in between! 


    In this program process, you will:

    • receive a file with the link to fill out a form detailing your fitness and experience levels as well as your goals and what you want out of the program
    • converse with me to perfect your goals and make sure I understand what you need and want


    In your final program booklet you will receive:

    • a personal letter from me 
    • a suggested weekly fitness schedule
    • your personalised Yoga/Pilates/At Home/Gym/etc. workout
    • more information and video links to some exercises you may not know
    • a suggested 8-week workout progression to keep your body being challenged and constantly improving
    • notes of how to track your progression for each specific goal you have, this could range from body composition tests to fitness testing to keeping an exercise journal


    You will also receive a video of the exercises in your workout that you can follow along as you go. 

    • Reviews

      "This program was super awesome in giving myself goals and a set do-able exercise routine for the week. It's made me excited to exercise and boy do I feel the burn! Mia was so good at communicating with me and made sure the program was tailored exactly to my needs! I'd recommend this program to any beginner or avid fitness lovers! She knows how to help you!"

      - Jacqui


      "Started this program and its awesome! I love that it is individualised so it's catered specifically to my needs and goals. It was also very realistic for what I wanted to achieve (it wasn't expecting me to drastically change my lifestyle around but merely shape it to what I wanted). The program is super easy to understand too. :) :)"

      - Molly


      "Mia is a fantastic and wholistic program designer! I felt comfortable and supported throughout the whole preparation process and I couldn't be happier with the final product! Can't wait to kick my butt into gear with Mia's help and guidance."

      - Kelsea

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